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Tudor Service

Quality Tudor Service

WatchServiceUK provides quality care for Tudor watches in need of services in the city of London. We are the best choice when you run into issues with your timepiece.


We employ an in-house watchmaker educated at the ETA Training Centre in Switzerland to oversee the repairs of each Cartier timepiece. Every customer receives a two-year warranty guaranteeing the quality of our work. You can rest assured that your watch will be in safe hands.

Tudor Collections Handled
  • Black Bay

  • Pelagos

  • North Flag

  • Black Shield

  • Chrono

  • Ranger

  • Advisor

  • 1926

  • Style

  • Glamour

  • Clair De Rose

  • Classic

Services Provided
  • Inspecting parts and stripping the movement to review for wear and tear

  • Cleaning and lubricating watch components

  • Reassembling and regulating the movement

  • Doing accuracy testing and performing any needed adjustments

  • Resealing your Tudor and doing pressure testing to ensure continued water resistance


Make an appointment to keep your Tudor watch running correctly by contacting WatchServiceUK at (+44) 02075382410.

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