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The full movement Service includes:
  • Examination on the condition of the case and bracelet for defects
  • Dismantling the case with the removal of the mechanism and the  dismantling of the hands and dial
  • Visual inspection of the mechanism for the presence of visible defects or corrosion on the boards and bridges
  • Full dismantling of the removed mechanism and removal of defective parts
  • Cleaning of parts in specialist watch cleaning  machine (this uses  special solutions to clean as efficiently as possible)
  • Drying of all cleaned parts
  • Rejecting parts, and replacement of used elements with new ones
  • The assembly of the mechanism and subsequent analysis of the operation of the individual components of the watch mechanism: a chronograph, a calendar, a self-winding machine, etc .;
  • Lubrication of all components
  • Re-pressing of jeweles with punches (the absence of this stage of work often does not allow for the qualitative repair of complex chronographs);
  • Mounting the dial and hands (if the old elements have become unusable, they will be changed to new ones.)
  • Assembling the case, checking and replacing the gaskets, waterproof test, eliminating leakage if any is found
  • Refitting the mechanism in the case, re-adjusting the accuracy of the stroke, evaluating waterproof and checking the work of the self-winding.
Only by taking your watch through all these steps with the use of modern equipment can ensure watches will be in their original appearance and provide trouble-free operation for many years. These are the steps followed in our service center work. We can be safely entrusted with your watch, and following service should be as good as the day you bought it.



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