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Omega Service: An Iconic Timepiece Deserves Specialized Care

Omega watches are among the world’s most revered timepieces. The company has been in operation for over 170 years and represents one of the most respected precision watches available. These high-end watches carry a price you’d expect to pay for watches of this caliber, so when they need repair, you wouldn’t think of taking them to just any random watch service. You’re likely to go out of your way to find an Omega service provider qualified to work on your watch.

The Omega brand began as a one-man watchmaker in 1885, and while he had a successful, global business, it wasn’t until his sons inherited the business 30 years later that the watch company began to expand. The second generation were innovators and their inventions like the first minute repeating model changed the watch industry, and is responsible for why there is a need to have your fine Omega timepiece looked at by a qualified Omega service.

Making omega a symbol of quality

The brothers were mass-producing one of their models by the late nineteenth century. In the final years of the century and the beginning of the next, the brothers solidified their name and reputation with the 19-line Omega Watch and Omega was well onto becoming a household name. By 1905, their name was so synonymous with precision timepieces that they were the official timekeeper for Swiss sports where precision timekeeping was demanded.

The Omega watch has never dipped in quality and if anything, the company’s reputation for creating the world’s finest timepieces has grown. A watch so associated with fine quality that a U.S. president once turned down a gold Omega as a gift because he believed it was far too valuable for him to accept deserves an exclusive watch service to make sure its fine pieces are always handled with the utmost professional care.

The timepiece of the rich and fabulous

Along the way, the watch became so revered that it has appeared in classic Hollywood movies to represent a character’s fine taste and is proudly worn by a member of arguably the greatest band of all time. Heads-of-state, supermodels, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have come to respect and trust its outstanding quality.

So, if you are fortunate enough to own one of these timepieces, wear it with pride because you have something in common with some fine connoisseurs. Wear it well and make sure the people who repair your fine Omega timepiece are the finest caliber of watch professionals. The watch’s rich history demands it!

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